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Have you ever watched someone learning to play the piano? The first lessons are hand positions that must be practiced over and over until they are part of Unconscious Competence. Then the lessons progress to simple scales that are repeated again and again.

It wouldn’t make sense for someone to learn the piano in one day or even one week, because the way our brains learn new information is through spaced repetition. We must take a task and repeat it again and again until the neural wiring becomes strong enough to make it permanent.


And these repetitions must be spaced out over time.


The subconscious brain is very receptive to the practice of repetition that is spaced out. This process is very SIMPLE but not easy to follow through on. Many of us want results quickly and don’t have the patience to wait long enough to see results.

So whether you’re learning to play the piano, begin a daily habit of reading, or attract the perfect relationship, you must understand and speak the language of the subconscious. The language of spaced repetition.

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When is a time you can think of that you benefited from Spaced Repetition? Please share in the comments below:)


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