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Window To The Mind

This is Dr. Morter’s flagship course on clearing Subconscious Emotional Triggers, or S.E.T. Points. Many negative experiences of your past keep you shutdown and operating from old, outdated memory. Window To The Mind was created to help you identify these S.E.T. Points, clear them from Subconscious memory and begin creating a powerful life guided by intention.

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The Helper

The Helper is a series of interviews with individuals who wanted to share their story of understanding the link of LOA and The Bible. Just as the Holy Spirit is called “The Helper” this course was designed to not only help you understand this message, but also to help others. By learning how they have reconciled these two powerful belief systems, you can learn from their experience and be in a position to help someone you know bridge the gap.

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The Law of Attraction As Told Through Scripture

Many people feel the Law of Attraction holds truth for them, yet struggle to connect those teachings with their beliefs of what is taught in scripture. In this day long course we use The Bible to tell the story and let The Bible teach us the foundational lessons the Law of Attraction.

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The Fast Track To Forgiveness


The simplest way to free yourself from the past is through forgiveness. It’s not about anyone else but you. This audio will show you the fast track to “Letting Go.”

Also included is a powerful meditation package teaching the 5 Steps To Forgiveness, using a guided meditation to follow along each step and a very personal meditation I made to show you how I use this process. This is invaluable!


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Everyday Breath Of Life

The breath is more than your body’s hunger for oxygen. It is a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. In this mini-course Dr. Ted teaches you how to shift your self out of stress physiology and into growth and healing. With the breath, you are able to harness and amplify the frequencies generated by your physical body and instantly create powerful and effective meditative states.

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