RAMPAGE For A Good Morning


Abraham Hicks shares a powerful RAMPAGE for having a Good Morning. Enjoy!

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Open Your Valve

When you turn on the faucet all the way water starts gushing out. And if you start closing that valve, a little bit less water comes out until that valve is all the way shut and nothing comes out.

This picture in your mind right now is exactly how energy flows through us. We have a constant supply of unlimited energy flowing all the time. It never ends. We have no control over it either. The only thing that we can influence is how OPEN we are to receiving it.

In essence, it’s a matter of how open our valve is.

The very nature of our world is kind, loving, and it is positive. It’s only when we close that valve that we begin to resonate with the negative and darker aspects.

And I promise you if you were finding yourself defeated, depressed, lonely, worried, fearful, or powerless then your valve is not open.

Some people I see in life seem to have everything come to them so easily. It’s like they don’t have to put effort into it, while I find myself struggling to get the results I want. I see some people toiling day in and day out, fighting an uphill battle to achieve their dreams and it boils down to this point.

The ones who make it seem so effortless are the ones with their valve wide open.

They are the ones with the self awareness. The ones that have done the work and are free to be themselves. They are open to the world and they beam light and love to everyone they cross paths with.

So the next time you go to the sink and turn the water on, ask yourself “How open is my valve? Is my life flowing the way that it should?”

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