RAMPAGE For A Good Morning


Abraham Hicks shares a powerful RAMPAGE for having a Good Morning. Enjoy!

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The 2 Motivations

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Law of Attraction is an ASS

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Dear Friend,

Ten years ago when I began to learn about the psoas muscle I had no idea how important it was or that it would be the main focus of most of the work that I do.

The psoas is the most important muscle in the body for three particular reasons. When we come up to stand as toddlers the engagement of the psoas creates the lumbar curve that is responsible for holding us upright. It is also the walking muscle as every successful step we take is initiated by the psoas pulling our back leg forward.

But above all else it is the muscle most involved and repsonsible for back pain and trauma.

Learning to release the psoas can be the gateway to easing pain and finding freedom from long held tension and trauma that often affects us for years without successful diagnosis.

The Two Headed Bird

From The Teaching Of Buddha

Tell me what what you think the story’s meaning is below.

At one time there lived in the Himalayas a bird with one body and two heads.
Once one of the heads noticed the other head eating some sweet fruit and felt jealous and said to itself: – “I will then eat poison fruit.”
So it ate poison and the whole bird died.
-pg 276 “The Teaching Of Buddha” – The way of purification


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